Who accepts IELTS?

To find out who accepts IELTS, as well as the score you need for your chosen organisation, please, visit:

“Who accepts IELTS?”

Which type of IELTS is the most suitable for me?

To find out, visit Two types of IELTS.

What is the IELTS format and duration?

To find out, visit Test Format.

What documents do I need to present on the test day?

On the test day you must present at the test venue the same identification document you provided during the registration procedure, e.g. valid national identity card or passport. The document will be used as proof of identity. If you do not have the correct identification document with you, you will not be allowed to take the test.

What happens in case I need to request a test day transfer?

IELTS regulations are very strict regarding requests for transfer date.

Transfers should only be requested for serious causes.

Download the Request for Refund or Test Day Transfer Form in order to find out how you can request a test day transfer.

What happens in case I need to request a refund?

To find out in which occasions you are allowed to cancel your registration and request a refund, please download the Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form.

How do I get prepared for the test?

There are various ways to be prepared for the test and reach your best possible score. PeopleCert strongly recommends that you:

What happens if I arrive late at the Test Centre?

It is important to arrive at the Test Centre at least 30 minutes before the test starting time. If you arrive 15 minutes prior to the examination procedure, you will not be allowed to take the test.

When will I receive my test results?

Your test results will be available online 13 calendar days after the test date and will be accessible on the Online Result Checker for 28 days.

You will receive an email notifying that your results are available online.

Test results may not be delivered via telephone, fax, or email.

How much is the extra time for students with dyslexia?

Test takers with dyslexia should normally be given 25% extra time – in severe cases (supported by the medical evidence) up to 50% may be appropriate.

How is IELTS scored?

To find out how your results are marked, visit Test Score.

What happens if I need copies of my test results?

When booking your test, you can request up to five copies of your test results to be posted or sent electronically to educational institutions, government bodies, government agencies, professional bodies and employers at no extra cost. We strongly advise you to notify the institutions you are applying to, that your results can be verified through the Test Report Verification Service.

How can I request a re-mark?

In the spirit of fairness towards the test takers, if you believe you should have obtained better marks, you can apply for a review of your results. You can choose which section(s) will be remarked.

Download the Enquiry on Results Form to find out more about remarking.

You must submit your application within six weeks of the test date.

Remarking requires an enquiry fee which will be refunded to you if your band score changes.

The Enquiry on Results procedure may take up to eight weeks.

How long are the IELTS results valid?

IELTS results are valid for a period of 2 years. However, you should contact the institution/organisation to which you are applying to inquire, as some might accept an IELTS result which is older than 2 years.

How soon can I re-sit the test?

There is no time limit on re-sitting the test, nor is there a limit to the times you wish to do so. PeopleCert suggests that you should consult with your language school/ teacher, in order to decide the best approach that should be followed.

What happens in case I have any complaints?

Please, contact us in order to send you the complaints form.