Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure

The steps below will guide you through the IELTS registration procedure:

Before registering for your IELTS test, download and read the following documents:

First decide which type of IELTS is suitable for you. There are two types of the IELTS:

Then, click Book a Test to check the available test dates and locations through our online registration page.

PeopleCert offers IELTS on a weekly basis in Athens and Thessaloniki and on multiple dates in other major cities, including Ioannina, Iraklio, Larissa, Patra, Rethymno and Volos.

Registration of test takers takes place on a first-come-first-served basis and is subject to test place availability. Please, note that once all test places on a particular date have been filled, the test date will no longer be available.

We make every effort to schedule your Speaking test on the same day as the Written test. Should that not be possible, your Speaking test will be scheduled within a seven-day window prior to or after the Written test.

Create your New User profile:

  • Provide your:
    • personal information
    • contact details
    • occupation and education
  • Upload a legible copy of your national identity card or passport, ensuring both your photo and signature are visible.
  • Indicate to which recognising organisations your Test Report Form (TRF) should be sent (optional).
  • Submit your application.


Proof of Identity

The ID document will be used as proof of your identity. You must bring the same identification document to the venue on your test day. If you do not have the correct identification document with you, you will not be allowed to take the test.
Please, note that you can only attach one document, so if your photo and signature are on separate pages you must insert both items into a single file.

The photo must meet the following format guidelines:

Dimensions: at least 800×700 pixels

Size: less than 1.5MB

File Formats: tiff, jpg, doc, docx, pdf, gif, jpeg


Special arrangements

In case you have any permanent disability, such as a visual or a hearing impairment, or a specific learning difficulty, which requires any special arrangements (e.g. modified material, extra time, use of technology, etc.) you must attach original supporting medical evidence issued within the last two years prior to the examination date.

You must submit requests for modified test materials at least three months before the test.

Your place is secured only upon test fee payment.

There are two payment options concerning the IELTS fee.

  • Online

Via your credit/debit card or PayPal account through our Online Registration System. You can make your online payment at the same time as you book your place.

Test fee:  € 198

Please note that the online payment must be made within 24 hours upon the creation of your profile.  After 24 hours you will need to create a New User profile.

  • Offline

Upon selection of the offline payment option please expect to receive an automated email with your IELTS Reference Number and the following payment details.

  • Test fee:  € 198
  • Beneficiary:  PeopleCert Hellas S.A.
    • IBAN: GR74 0172 0320 0050 3203 5149 241
    • IBAN: GR08 0110 0800 0000 0804 7189 504

 Payment can be made by either:

  • bank transfer from your bank account via web banking or phone banking
  • bank deposit at any branch of the PIRAEUS BANK or NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE

Useful notes regarding offline payment:

  • A full list of bank branches, including branches operating in the afternoon, can be found at:
  • Please, ensure that you note your FIRST NAME/LAST NAME/DATE OF TEST as «Comment» / «Αιτιολογία» during the transfer or deposit transaction so that your registration can be confirmed.
  • You should make your offline payment within 72 hours upon application submission. In case payment is made after the 72-hour window, please call PeopleCert’s Customer Service at +30 210 3729150 to confirm whether it can be accepted.
  • You should keep the statement of bank transfer or deposit in your records.
  • Once you have successfully uploaded your identification document, made your payment and provided proof of your payment (if applicable), your registration is complete and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You will receive an email with your test details up to four (4) calendar days before the exam.

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